Thursday, October 6, 2022

RetroChallenge 2022-10 : Hacker!

I've decided that for RetroChallenge 2022-10, I'm gonna finally win the game "Hacker" from Activision.  I will probably play it on an Amiga emulator on my modern laptop, perhaps streaming gameplay on my YouTube channel or my Twitch channel (which I've not set up yet.)  I'll send a tweet through on my twitter when I'm gonna stream or whatever.

The basic premise of "Hacker" game is that... well, you don't know when you start it up.  The only instructions included with it originally were "insert game disk, turn on computer"... that's it.  You have to figure things out, how to use the interface, everything, just by playing it.  I love this.  You have to navigate this robot around the earth, trading stuff from your inventory with various spies, to get all of the pieces of a shredded document.  Some spies will trade for multiple items and some spies will only trade for specific things, so you need to get it right.

"Hacker 2" had a similar concept, but it was controlling a robot inside of a building where you also had control of four video screens, four tape recorders, and a bunch of surveillance cameras to be bypassed.  It's a lot more complicated of a puzzle... for another time..

Anyway, I've loved the concept of this game since I first got it in the mid-80s for my Amiga. I got pretty far in it, but my map got thrown out or lost, and I never really returned to it.  So part of this will be recreating a map so that I can figure out where I am and how to get around in the maze of game... especially once the map disappears.

Additional update posts will be made here to this blogger thingy as I progress.

I'd like to solve it for the first time on my actual Amiga 1000 if possible, which is in storage/on display in my office right now, so I may need to do some quick restoration of it to get it running for this. ;D

I may also stream/do a run through of the game on C64 since I have that one set up and ready to go right now.

Hm.  It might be fun to solve it on every platform I have.  I also have an Apple IIc that's easy to set up... hmmm... :D

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